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Morganite Crystal Bead Bracelets 11mm and 13.5mm

Morganite Crystal Bead Bracelets 11mm and 13.5mm

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Peach Moonstone Bracelet, featuring high-quality beads adorned with a radiant Sunstone flash. Each bead, carefully selected for its superior quality, embodies the ethereal beauty of peach moonstone, renowned for its calming hues and gentle energy. The added charm of a sunstone flash enhances not only the visual appeal but also the intention behind this stretchy bracelet.


Metaphysically, peach moonstone is believed to amplify intuition and foster emotional well-being. As you wear this bracelet, infuse it with your personal intentions, allowing the harmonious energies of peach moonstone and the uplifting sunstone flash to support your goals. Elevate your style with a bracelet that not only reflects high-quality craftsmanship but also carries the power of intentional meaning, creating a wearable symbol of your aspirations and well-being.

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