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Herkimer Diamond Enhydro Clear Quartz 925 Stirling Silver Ring 2

Herkimer Diamond Enhydro Clear Quartz 925 Stirling Silver Ring 2

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Herkimer Diamonds, though not true diamonds, are remarkable quartz crystals found exclusively in Herkimer County, New York. This gorgeous ring has a pocket of ancient water and a small bubble shown in the black circle on the video that moves as the crystal is tilted. These crystals with water inclusions are called enhydros and are particularly rare.

Formed over 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period, these crystals originated as pockets within sedimentary rock layers, filled with ancient seawater. Silica-rich groundwater percolated through cracks in the rock, depositing silica and giving rise to their unique double-terminated shape. Beyond their geological origins, Herkimer Diamonds hold metaphysical significance, believed to enhance spiritual awareness, aid healing, and amplify crystal energy. They are associated with intentions, chakra alignment, and are valued in jewelry and collections for their natural beauty and distinct shape.

The ring is set on an adjustable 925 silver band and fits comfortably on fingers from 7-9. Message us on TikTok or Instagram if you would like us to adjust to your specific ring size before delivery. Ring sizes 10 or larger may be accommodated on most rings, but must be set by our shop before delivery to ensure they are stable at larger sizes.

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