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Mystery Crystal and Celestial Scoop

Mystery Crystal and Celestial Scoop

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Introducing our Crystal Scoops! – a magical medley of random crystal treasures, offering you an enchanting surprise with every scoop. Each scoop is a unique blend of at least five different types of crystals and forms.

Select between the different material and jewelry combinations to get a custom item that is exactly what you are looking for.

Within your Celestial Crystal Scoop, you may discover the captivating allure of Flower Agate, the mystical depths of Gold Sheen Obsidian, the sparkling beauty of Pyrite, the gentle embrace of Rose Quartz, and the tranquil energy of Amethyst, among others. These crystals and forms have been thoughtfully curated to provide you with a diverse and authentic crystal experience.

With each scoop, you embark on an exciting journey of discovery, as the cosmic energies of these crystals combine to create a symphony of vibrational frequencies that resonate with your intentions. Whether you seek balance, clarity, or simply wish to bask in the mystical energies of the universe, our Celestial Crystal Scoop offers you a delightful surprise, every time.

Unwrap the magic of our Celestial Crystal Scoop and let the universe guide you through the ever-changing tapestry of crystal energies. Elevate your collection, enhance your spiritual practice, and connect with the infinite possibilities that each scoop holds. Experience the joy of serendipity with our Celestial Crystal Scoop today.

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