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Agni Manitite, Pearls of Divine Fire, Raw Not-Tumbled

Agni Manitite, Pearls of Divine Fire, Raw Not-Tumbled

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Introducing Agni Manitite, a unique and powerful addition to your crystal collection. Agni Manitite is a captivating black obsidian that is also called a pseudotektite that was believed to have formed from volcanic activity. with intriguing energy properties. Each piece is a result of the fiery forces of nature, carrying the essence of transformation and vitality. Embrace the sleek and mysterious beauty of Agni Manitite, believed to amplify spiritual growth, enhance manifestation, and ignite the inner fire of passion and purpose. Whether used for meditation, energy work, or as a distinctive piece in your crystal array, Agni Manitite invites you to connect with the primal energies of the Earth and kindle the flame of inspiration within. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energies and unique allure of Agni Manitite, a symbol of the elemental forces that shape our world.

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