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Buddha Head Moonstone Carving

Buddha Head Moonstone Carving

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This Buddha Statue Head Carving is a serene embodiment of tranquility meticulously crafted from moonstone with captivating sunstone flashes. This unique carving beautifully captures the essence of spiritual calmness with the ethereal play of light.

Crafted with precision, the moonstone provides a serene white backdrop while the sunstone flashes add a touch of warmth and radiance, creating a harmonious balance in this Buddha statue head. Each carving is not just a work of art but a symbolic representation of enlightenment and inner peace.

Elevate your space with the spiritual energy and visual allure of our Moonstone Buddha Statue Head Carving. Place it in your sacred space or on a prominent shelf to bring a sense of tranquility and radiant energy to your surroundings.

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